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the morphs product line

the morphs seating product line

Designed by Peter Donders, who prefers to work with organic shapes, these seats not only blend in perfectly with the plants in your garden, but also offer excellent sitting comfort. (more...)

the morphs lighting product line

The morphs lighting line is the perfect addition to your morphs furniture, and can, of course, also be used in combination with your current furniture. The use of a unique clips system allows you to combine 2D surfaces to form a 3D shape. (more...)

the morphs carbon fiber product line

What started out as an experiment, playing around with the limits of technology, manufacturing and materials and bouncing up against what might still just be possible, or not, turned into a whole new art form. Fiberture? (more...)

Limited Edition: maximum 10 objects will be made.


the morphs alu product line

The latest product line......

Shelly : aluminium chairs, cast in 1 single piece... (more...)

Batoidia : aluminium cast chair ( + foot stool optional)... (more...)

Batoidia-L : aluminium cast chaise longue... (more...)

Z-Shelves : Shelving system... (more...)

D-Desk : Cast Aluminium feet with Solid wood center piece... (more...)

T-Bench : T-Bench (Tensile)... (more...)

Batoidea, Batoidea foot stool en Batoidea-L are also sold via Outdoorz gallery


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