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the morphs seating product line

Product Details morphs 05


morphs 05 : H 685mm W 1434mm D 770mm

morphs 05

This new model in the morphs product line, is a twin seat with a twist, a so called "tête à tête". In addition to the typical morphs sitting comfort it offers privacy and intimacy. Like all other morphs models it is made of solid foam, finished with a weatherproof coating and available in a wide range of colors.

General Specifications 

The morphs 01 is the basic shape from which a number of variations are being made. (morphs 02 etc).

In the seating surface there is a special comfort-zone for extra sitting comfort.
The seat's base has a couple of indents to make the seat easy to handle.

The morphs seats are built up of 22 seperately cut contours that after being carefully glued, are coated in polyurea and then the top layer, in the color of your choice, is applied.

Ground layer - 1 to 5 mm Polyurea (Very strong, tough-elastic.)
Top layer - 25 standard colors. Optionally available in all RAL colors () and all NCS colors () at a surcharge. (contact us for more information)

Weather proof: minimal fading under influence of UV-light (Sun)

Washable: use non-abrasive cleaning products only.

PU 38 kg
Other foam or densities are available depending on the planned use.

Cleaning products and covers are available as options.

Additional information in this pdf file: (click icon to download)

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